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About me

Well, the days of PMT Studios in my Ilfracombe are over since I broke my back. All that work and expense - and I couldn't actually get inside the studio any more!!So, we've moved from hilly North Devon to a much flatter Somerset. Out of necessity, I've downsized the studio to essentially a one person room packed with high tech recording gear.Mainly, I use the new "micro" studio for composing and producing my own work. I've invested heavily in the flagship Behringer X32 32 fully automated mixer. Couple that with an Intel i7 powered computer rack, Stenheiser studio reference headphones and top of the range truth monitors and I'm "set to go". Add to that a vast array of VST software synths, effects and sampled instruments and I can attain virtually any sound or arrangement concievable.I work alone and have my own secure cloud for collaboration with others - without having to use any audio compression because of file size restrictions.


I specialise in Film Score or for TV composition. With the new technology available, I can now master "ready to broadcast" quality output.


I have been collaborating over the internet with other musicians for over a decade now. I have my own "cloud" for future collaborations. I can accept almost any audio file type as well as midi. I currently have over 1,000 vst plugins to give the exact sound required in any project.

Production and Mastering

If you've recorded your idea, be it in midi format, wave files or a combination of formats, I can produce and master it for you. I'll work with you until you get the sound you want.
I've worked with groups who've recorded a gig, but get stuck trying to produce a decent sound from the raw files. Whatever you want, I can help you toward your goals.

Staying Positive

After a lifetime of playing live with various groups, my back injury has put paid to all that. I can't believe that I'm 65!!!
For all that, and against all the odds, my ears are as good as ever and hasn't fundimentally changed since my 20s.
So - it's a matter of making the best of what I DO have - instead of what I've lost.


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Telephone: +44 (0)7790 798005
Location: 2 Ivy Cottages, Ilfracombe, EX34 9JG
44 Fairways International, Bawdrip, Somerset, TA7 8PP