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About me

Well, the days of PMT Studios in my Ilfracombe are over since I broke my back. All that work and expense - and I couldn't actually get inside the studio any more!!So, we've moved from hilly North Devon to a much flatter and sunnier place Out of necessity, I've downsized the studio to essentially a one person room packed with high tech recording gear.Mainly, I use the new "micro" studio for composing and producing my own work and working with others online. I've invested heavily in the flagship Behringer X32 32 fully automated mixer. Couple that with an Intel i7 powered computer rack, Stenheiser studio reference headphones and top of the range truth monitors and I'm "set to go". Add to that a vast array of VST software synths, effects and sampled instruments and I can attain virtually any sound or arrangement concievable.I work alone and have my own secure cloud for collaboration with others - without having to use any audio compression because of file size restrictions.

The Thin Ice Academy is an idea to help other disabled musicians with getting their music heard.
I use Cubase pro 10 - the latest flagship from Steinberg.
I've been using Cubase for over a decade and have helped a number of others in using this wonderful DAW to it's full potential. It is possible for almost any musician to produce professional, broadcast quality music - without having to leave your own home.
I cover the use of VST instruments and effects, midi recording and Mastering.
Despite not being able to play "live" any more, there is no reason today not to work with other musicians online to make awesome music.
Why should disability be a barrier to getting your music heard.
I want to invent the world's first "Virtual Group" - and teach others the "tech tips" to get music heard.
Thin Ice Music is available globally register record label with full publishing agreements, with contacts in many A&R companies. Get your music out there!!!
I call this the Thin Ice Music Academy - a grand title for a great idea. 😀

Mission Statement

After a lifetime of playing live with various groups, my back injury has put paid to all that. I can't believe that I'm 65!!!
For all that, and against all the odds, my ears are as good as ever and hasn't fundimentally changed since my 20s.
So - it's a matter of making the best of what I DO have - instead of what I've lost.
What can I offer you? :-
Help with composition
Help with production ideas
Help with mixing & mastering
Guidance and help with copyright & distribution
Getting your polished tracks "out there"

All of this we can do over the internet (something I've been doing for many years).
I'm not financially motivated (although it would be nice) and will never charge you a penny - unless our efforts bear fruit.
Put bluntly, I'm bored and miss working with talented musicians. I want to put my decades of experience (playing and in the studio) to good use.
The future of music isn't whith the likes of Simon Cowbell - it's with the wealth of "up & coming" young musicians - who just need a break - and the best way of getting that break is by getting your music heard.
This is where I might be able to help ...


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Due to disability restrictions, email contact is preferred 😁